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Our Office is the number one Law Office for quality and results, practicing in integrated and intersecting areas of Law for over 35 years. Rick has helped tens of thousands of Clients in relevant and necessary areas of law. He continues to provide KNOWLEDGEABLE EXPERIENCE, WITH GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE AND EFFECTIVE RESULTS. Your issues and life changing circumstances may cause you to need an experienced, knowledgeable, savvy, personable and friendly person to discuss your individual needs. We encourage you to call our office or click on the link to contact us. Rick's representation is solid, aggressive, professional, caring, compassionate and prefaced on understanding all of your needs, goals and concerns. EARNED WISDOM, KNOW HOW, AND AFFORDABILITY is what makes the LAW OFFICE OF RICK CHAIDEZ stand out.

Rick has practiced in our Ventura County Community for over 35 years. He has helped consumers for the past 35 years. He has also litigated in State and Federal Courts in Santa Barbara and Los Angeles Counties.

Please give our office a call or e-mail us to discuss your immediate needs or concerns. We CAN solve your problems and allay your fears and anxiety about the unknown. It is with gratitude that we look forward to your communication.

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